Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ecommerce packages

Setting up ecommerce packages involves many processes which would be beyond the majority of people. Analysis of requirements is to be completed first. After knowing what is to be sold, the script is chosen. Professional ecommerce hosting is chosen and the package is to be installed along with its database. Manufactures, categories and products are added to the website. The design of the website theme and it's implementation is quite a chore for the experienced. For the majority of people, the safest, best and most cost effective solution is to trust the ecommerce services to the professionals.

There is no shortage of e-commerce packages available to create an online shopping store. There is also no shortage of different types of ecommerce site for every niche, from selling services or widgets to a whopper of a mobile phone ecommerce site and everything else conceivable. Here are a few of the more popular ecommerce packages.
  • Open Cart;
  • Presta Shop;
  • Abante Cart;
  • WHMCS;
  • Magento;
  • osCommerce;
  • Zen Cart;
  • Loaded 7;
  • The Hoasting Tool;
  • Tomato Cart;
  • Box Billing;
  • Avactis;
  • Quick Cart;
  • Lite Cart;
  • Cube Cart;
  • Alegro;
  • phpCoin;
  • Axis;
  • Presta Shop 1.4;
  • Open Source Point of Sale;
  • CS Cart;
  • Zeus Cart;
  • Open eShop;
  • Blesta;
  • Client exec.
There are also plug-ins, modules and add-ons for CMS scripts to add ecommerce functionality. The most basic would be to add a PayPal button or link to a product information page for an instant transaction over the internet. Remember that e-commerce is the buying and selling of goods over an electronic medium, so does not necessarily have to be done on a full ecommerce website. If the budget is low and only selling one or two products per site, then I would recommend the PayPal buttons. For a larger site with multiple products, go for the ecommerce website solution.

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